Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011, I Promise

This year I will not pursue success, I will pursue peace
I will not make money my goal, I will cultivate God’s grace
I will not avoid failure, I will trust God’s mercy
I will not seek fame, I will pursue rightness
I will not have to win, I will have to build my faith, live by faith
I will not seek respect, I will choose humility
I will not compete, I will run my race
I will not hold on to any strategy, I will walk in Wisdom
I will not seek opportunities, I will find inspiration
I will not have to be a leader, but I must be led
I will not pursue happiness, I will be content
I will not crave pleasure, I will cultivate discipline
I will not be fashionable, I will be visionary
I will not impress you, I will inspire my offspring
I will be angry, I will not sin
I will sin, and I will always repent
I will live to love, I will not insist on being loved
This year, I will not focus on getting what I deserve, I will expect what I don’t deserve.
This year I WILL ENFORCE MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE. To choose life. To live.
This year, 2011.

Thursday, 09 December 2010



At 4:03 pm, Blogger Akin's Thoughts said...

Can I make 'your promise' my promise? So Help Me God.


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